The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

I’m indifferent about blog posts, as I don’t think anybody really cares where I went on vacation or how to make my mac & cheese. However I created this site to be a central place for all things #SOD. That means, but is not limited to, Past, Present & Future Classes, Dog Everything (mine, RUFF‘s, yours if it’s cute and I come in contact with it), How-To’s (if I am feeling froggy), Other Artists That I Like (shoutout Little Red Arrow Photography), and more!

Mostly I created this site to announce that #SarahOMaryDesigns now has a STUDIO SPACE! WHAT! It’s been a dream of mine since I decided to become an artist as a career (sorry Mom, Dad, Martin, and any other individual that has had to help me with shows, displays or pay for my well-being). I will be located in Downtown Jasper in the strip where Gina Scruggs’s State Farm Agency lives and across from Twisted Barley Brewing Company!

My vision is for me to have a place to meet with brides and other clients that I design detailed invitations and other event materials for, for me to teach after school art classes to kids so that they know art as a career is a REAL thing, and to have a dedicated space to work on art and commissioned projects that I hold as near to my heart as my clients do to theirs.

I have quite a lot of work to do before I am up and running downtown, but please stay tuned for upcoming events and a grand opening!


Here’s a *BEFORE* pic for your wandering eyes.IMG_4283